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Counsel for Family Mediation in Hollister, California

When marriages come to an end, it doesn’t have to be ugly. Mediation can make the termination of a relationship amicable and less traumatic. It allows for both parties in a separation to openly communicate their needs.
After years in the field of family law, Fredrick Northrop is experienced in a variety of fields. He deals predominantly in divorce and family mediation proceedings. Call Fredrick J. Northrop Law Offices and ask if family mediation could be a good option for you.
What Is Mediation?
Mediation is a means for legal separation that is different from a normal settlement. It is a process that allows both parties to meet face-to-face, often with only the mediator present, to consider all the factors of a divorce.
Mediation differs from a normal divorce settlement because the latter is based on outstanding legal issues between the parties. It is less focused on the logistics of disassembling a long-established relationship. Mediation takes into account family, emotions and post-divorce dynamics because the divorcing parties are able to talk through logistics together.

Get the Right Help
In a mediation, it is our role to advise you. It is a process — one that we are familiar with and are prepared to guide you through. At Fredrick J. Northrop Law Offices, we will give you sufficient legal advice so you can make competent and informed decisions in your mediation.
During mediation, our clients meet with a mediator and their former partner. We communicate with you and the mediator throughout the process to make sure you are comfortable with the proceedings and fully supported.
With our help, you can talk constructively, exchange positions and explore unique interests of your specific circumstances.
The Process
Every mediation follows a different path based on children, familial concerns or the nature of the relationships involved.
First, you meet with Mr. Northrop to prepare as both parties are cleared for mediation. The inspection that approves mediation makes sure that both parties are prepared to work through things.
The next step is usually a meeting between the mediator and individual parties and their attorneys.
Individual meetings are followed by joint meetings, in which both parties parse out the details of a separation.
If the family has kids, the mediator may choose to meet with the children.
When both parties reach an agreement, we review a draft agreement and continue meetings until you are satisfied.
After everything else, the draft agreement becomes the Separation Agreement.

Benefits of Mediation
There are many benefits to pursuing mediation as a means of separation. Both parties can feel safe in each other’s presence. It empowers you to take charge of achieving the outcome you desire. You can plan the future for the good of your children. You can also increase the number of potential solutions that will work for your situation.
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