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Prepare for the Future: Estate Planning in Hollister, California

Put Your Affairs in Order
Some people think of visiting their attorney like they think of visiting the dentist. However, preparing your affairs now can save you and your family from headaches or heartache in the future. Contact Fredrick J. Northrop Law Offices for an estate-planning consultation.
Your last will and testament states your final wishes to be carried out after your death. We advise clients to establish a will early on in case of accidental death. People tend to avoid establishing a will, but the process is much easier than it sounds. By establishing a will early on, you can build upon it in small increments, instead of trying to build a new and complex framework later in life.

Make a Plan

Set up a meeting with Fredrick Northrop, and he will walk you through the process. He will help you as you name an executor, leave your property to people or organizations, name guardians for young children and select someone to manage your property when you are gone.
If you die without a will, the state will take over the allocation of your property and the custody of your children if you have not appointed a guardian. Protect them by writing a will now.

Power of Attorney
In a world full of beautiful opportunities, the unthinkably terrible can also occur. You may be in the majority of people who do not like to dwell on what would happen if you became unable to take care of your own medical care. You can relieve the stress of this possibility by putting a plan into place.
There are two forms of documentation that can prepare for the possibility of your incapacitation: a living will and powers of attorney for health care.
Living Will
A living will details your heal care wishes in case you are unable to communicate them.
Powers of Attorney for Health Care
This document appoints someone who may act as your health care agent and make decisions on treatments in your place.
Living Trusts
A living trust operates like a will to pass on your property in the event of your death. However, these trusts do not have to go through probate court. Probate court is the process in which the court approves your will, and by skipping this process, your family can save hassle and legal fees. Setting up a living trust can require a lot of paperwork, get us involved in your plans to smooth out the process.