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Child Custody Law in Hollister, California

Your children are precious and deserve the relationships that are best for them. We fight hard for our clients to ensure that they get the most custody and time rights as possible.
All parents must have a parenting plan in place for children under the age of 18. If an agreement cannot be reached outside of court, we will fight for you in a trial so you can get the right plan.

The Right Balance
You know what is best for your children. In determining child custody, the law puts the best interest of the child in the spot of main consideration. If you want to keep your former spouse in your child’s life or are seeking full custody, we fight to make sure you are treated fairly in the process.
Joint Custody
Joint custody can refer to either joint legal and physical custody or joint legal custody. In some joint custody arrangements, children live part-time with each parent. In others, the child may live with one parent but the other retains the right to play a role in the child’s upbringing and welfare.
Your children deserve relationships with both of their parents, so joint custody maintains those relationships whenever possible. However, these arrangements are sometimes limited because of the potential for causing stress for the children. Ultimately, their well-being is your main concern and we fight for the best situation.
As the parents, you know your children better than anyone else. You and your spouse both love your children. When the situation is right, we can establish an excellent plan for your children’s relationships with both of their parents.

Sole Custody
Sole custody refers to a situation where you take sole authority to make decisions for your child’s upbringing, like religion, medical care and schooling. These custody arrangements are usually limited to situations where one parent is unfit to retain authority for their child.
If you believe your situation requires you to take sole custody of your children, call Fredrick J. Northrop Law Offices to consult with our specialized attorney.