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Divorcing a Narcissist: Child Custody Tips


Narcissism is a personality disorder where a person doesn’t have the ability to see beyond themselves, lacks remorse for the pain they inflict on others, and views themselves as entitled to have whatever they want. Narcissists are often emotionally abusive and use gaslighting, manipulation, threats, and intimidation tactics to get what they want.

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Smart Strategies for Stellar Parenting During Your Divorce


The end of a marriage can be the start of new, positive things in your life. It doesn't have to be all storm clouds and sob songs. However, it is probably going to be difficult for children to get used to the new normal of having divorced parents. Your support will make a big difference in how well they handle the changes. Follow these strategies for effective parenting during your divorce.

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Dividing Debt and Assets During a Divorce


When a relationship ends, you may struggle to determine who gets what property and how you can divide the debts equally. These decisions can cause a lot of friction during what is already a difficult event. You may not be able to be unemotional about the situation, but taking an organized approach can be helpful.

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