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Your Adoption Attorney in Hollister, California

As you may have already known, adopting a child can be a long and arduous process. Adoption is a family matter, but it is heavily regulated. You can research the process on your own, but getting an attorney to handle the legal side can lift a weight off your shoulders. Read more about the legal adoption process below or call our offices for counsel.
Consent to Adopt
In all states, biological parents must sign a form giving consent to adopt. Nearly all states require that the form is signed after the child has been born. Once the form has been signed the child may be placed in the custody of the new parents.
Some states allow for a period in which the birth parents can revoke consent. This can be a nerve-wracking period for new adoptive parents. Your experienced adoption attorney can help you through the process to make sure everything is in order on your side.

The Home Study
In order to proceed with any adoption, you and your home must be evaluated by a social worker. They will consider many factors, including financial stability, lifestyle, other children, career obligations, personal health and personal history. For questions on these or any other areas of concern, call our offices.
Mandatory Court Process
Even if you handle your adoption through an agency, it must be approved in court. The earlier steps of the process run smoothly with the help of an experienced adoption attorney like Mr. Northrop, and the later court process is nearly impossible without one.
In the court process, we will help you draft an adoption petition, which is prepared before the adoption hearing, and represent you in the hearing. At that point, the court will issue the final decree of adoption, which finalizes and legalizes your adoption. Let us help you through the process of completing your family.